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This game will no longer be updated on this page. This download (may) stay here for a certain remainder of time, but the download page will be moved to https://109dev.itch.io/ SO! If you want to download the latest version of the game, DOWNLOAD THERE! DO NOT DOWNLOAD HERE IF YOU WANT THE LATEST VERSION! Thank you.

Remember, https://109dev.itch.io/ is where to find gridlocked for now on.

Gridlocked is my very first game I have ever created, and was created with GameMaker Studio's Drag and Drop system.

This is pretty much my first game release I have ever done and I've worked pretty hard on this game. It may just be a clone of some other online tron games, but I have things planned to make it different such as new maps to play on, a single player mode that isn't bots (very new developer so I don't know how to do that) and more! I hope you all will enjoy my game and PLEASE give feedback on it. I would love to hear what you guys think! Also everything in this game is made by me, the art and the game. (I'm sorry that I'm not a great artist)

Thank you so much for at least checking me out :)


My update plans include having a complete single player mode for those singleplayer people, more color choices to play with,(orange color is done!) maybe even some with special abilities ;) Other maps to play on to keep game variety up, powerups, and general fixes and patches :)

Changelog for Gridlocked v1.1.1!

Sorry for making you guys download this again, this just fixes a lot of orange color and fullscreen bugs while adding a few tidbits like resize on the window and going back to other places.

-Fixed not being able to fullscreen on the startup controls screen

-Fixed not being able to pick orange as 2nd player

-Fixed not being able to fullscreen at all? (Not sure if this is fixed)

-Fixed pink scoreboard not going up after dying as orange

-You can now resize the game window in windowed mode! (Yay?)

-Added a way to go back to the player 1 select screen in the player 2 select screen

Thank you and Enjoy my game!

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Published Mar 29, 2016
Tagsgridlocked, updates
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


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by Jeffdev · 1 post
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